Brent Carter

Rev. Brent Carter was born in Kouchibouguac, NB into a great Christian home with Godly parents. He received the Holy Ghost, March 22 1976 during a Saturday night prayer meeting in Bartibogue, NB. He was baptized in the Kouchibouguac River on October 22, 1978. This was seventeen years later to the day in the very same spot that my father, Edward Carter, was baptized. Twenty-one years to the day after I was baptized, our son Mikko was baptized in the same spot.

After graduating from Bonar Law Memorial High School in June of 1988, Brother Carter enrolled at Northeast Christian College (then known as United Pentecostal Bible Institute) in Fredericton, NB and completed one year of Bible School. In June of 1989, Brother Carter married Daphne Storey and they are now blessed to have three wonderful children, Mikko, Miranda and Marissa.

The Carter’s became involved in ministry in Kouchibouguac in June 1989 under the guidance of Rev. Lester Mitchell until September 12, 1994 when they followed God’s call to Bathurst, NB where they assisted Rev. Henry Poitras for eight years. On September 12, 2002, they accepted their first pastorate in Miramichi (Chatham), NB. The Carter’s were ordained in May 2003 in Summerside, PEI. In 2012, the Carter’s began their current pastorate at Mission Point in Saint John, NB.

Brother Carter served on the district youth committee for seven years; as Sunday School secretary for 1 1/2 years followed by Sunday School Director for five years. During this time, the Carter’s served as the Northeast Regional Sunday School Director for UPCI for a period of two years.

Bible Quizzing has been an integral part of the Carter family. Brother Carter has served as the Senior Bible Quizzing Coordinator for the Atlantic District and as the Junior Bible Quizzing Coordinator. During this time He coached the North American Champions Junior Quizzing Champions in 2002 and the North American Intermediate Senior Champions in 2006.

Brother Carter currently serves as Chairman of the Northeast Christian College Board and as Presbyter of Section 4.