Harry Lewis

Harry M. Lewis was born on July 30, 1942 in Salisbury, NB. He was the 12th child of Harry & Pearl Lewis. He began attending the Pentecostal church at the age of 16.

He enrolled at the United Pentecostal Bible Institute in Fredericton and began classes there on October 4th, 1960. It was there he met a young lady, Shirley Cole, from Harvey. They were married on September 29, 1962.

During his second and third year of Bible College, Rev. Lewis pastored the church in Springfield, NB. During the next few years he pastored churches in Lincoln and Fort Fairfield, Maine. He also pastored in Hoyt, Hatfield Point, Campbellton and Perth-Andover in New Brunswick. He came to Perth-Andover in October of 1970. He led the church through two building programs, the first one in 1974 and the second one in 1990.

He has served in several offices in the Atlantic District during his ministry including Youth President, District Superintendent, and Principal and President of Northeast Christian College.

He holds a Bachelor of Bible Theology degree and a Master of Bible Theology degree from International Seminary in Plymouth, Florida.

Rev. Lewis has four children: Mark (Sharman) Lewis, Roma (David) Ferrell, Nancy (David) Arbeau and Sarah. He has five grandchildren, Anthony & Chrissy Ferrell, Jake & Jordan Lewis and Jackson Arbeau.

Rev. Lewis is a very kind and compassionate minister. He loves people and he loved pastoring the church congregations! He retired from pastoring in July of 2007.